Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy the tickets for Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, or Jetski Rentals?

You can either buy your ticket when you come to ride (call ahead for a reservation 843-445-7777), or you can purchase tickets on-line. Click here to purchase tickets.

Are you guys experienced?

Yes. We fly more people and entertain more guests than any other business on the beach. We want you to have a great time and come back year after year. We sincerely appreciate your business.

How heavy do I have to be to Parasail?

We fly people who weigh between 35 and 400 pounds.

Are there any risks to Parasailing or Ocean Water Sports?

There are inherent risks in riding any amusement ride. If you choose to ride, you accept all of these risks. Let us know of any concerns.

Where can I keep my valuables when I ride with you guys?

We will keep your valuables – beach bag, camera, cell phone (whatever is reasonable) – safe for you, behind our counter, while you fly or ride with us

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept Cash, Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery.

Is tipping required?

Tipping is not required, but is certainly appreciated. The Captain and Crew will be working very hard for your safety and enjoyment. If they do a good job, a tip or gratuity is customary.

Will you charge me if I am late or can’t make my appointment at the last minute?

No. Call us if you can. We will appreciate it. But no, we want you to have fun; not charge you for a bummer.

What if it rains?

We don’t operate in the rain. If we have bad weather, we will call you and let you know when we will be operating again. Don’t hesitate to call us if it looks bad in your area.

Are you actually on the beach?

Yes. We are on the sand, behind the Family Kingdom Waterpark. You will see our flags out by the water’s edge. Check in at the cabana booth, right by the American Flag.

Am I going to get wet?

Yes. You will get at least “splashy wet” on the Banana Boat ride out to the Parasail Boat and back. So, wear your bathing suit and be ready to have fun!

How high will I go when Parasailing?

We let out about 600 feet of line. The altitude of your flight will depend on the strength of the wind and your angle to it when you fly – typically about 300 feet high.

How do I ‘take off’ when I Parasail?

When you fly with us, you will take off from a sitting position off the back of the boat. We simply head into the wind and let out the line while you ride smoothly up into the sky.

How do I land?

You will land on the same deck you took off from. You will land in a standing position.

What if the parasail rope breaks?

We take every precaution to make sure this does not happen. However, the Parasail Parachute is designed to let you descend gradually back to the water. Our equipment is well-maintained and inspected daily. Our captains and crew members are some of the most experienced in the business. We have rehearsed other landing procedures.

Is the Banana Boat Ride included with Parasailing?

Yes. We use our Sea Shuttle Banana Boats to take you from the beach out to the parasail boat and back. The Parasail Boats are too big to come onto the beach. And, don’t worry; the Sea Shuttle will not tip over. It is a fun ride all by itself, and included with your ride ticket when you Parasail with us.

Where do I park?

There are three options for parking. The closest parking is the parking meter spots on 4th Avenue South, around the wooden roller coaster. Bring $2 in quarters. FREE parking is on 3rd Avenue South, under our billboards, about a block from the beach. Finally, there is daily parking on 3rd Avenue South, for $5 per day, if you plan on spending the whole day with us.

Can kids go?

Yes. Riders must weigh a minimum of 35 pounds and be able to understand and perform basic commands in case of emergency. Also, a parent or guardian must sign for kids under 18 years old. Kids under 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult.

Will I see Dolphins? You might.

Dolphins are usually seen in the mornings. We also see sea turtles and schools of various smaller fish.

What about sharks?

Sharks are in the ocean, but they haven’t bothered us since we’ve been in business (1981) and we hardly ever see them. They are more afraid of us and our passengers that you are afraid of them. Sharks generally hang out on the bottom of the ocean. Our customers stay on the top. We are quite sure the sharks will not get you.

I see your store on Ocean Boulevard. What’s up with that?

The store on Ocean Boulevard is directly across the street from our location on the beach. It is a typical island store where you can see our t-shirts, promotional goods, buy some sunscreen, and see pictures from your ride or slide shows from years gone by. Sometimes, the Captains hang out there and talk to the Booth Bettys after work. Drop in!

Do y’all take pictures?

You know, we do! We will take 8-10 pictures of every parasail flight. When you get back to the beach, you can see the pictures at the Ocean Watersports store, across the street on Ocean Boulevard. If you like the pictures, we write the digital images on to a USB drive that you can take with you for a nominal fee.

Can I take my camera with me?

We don’t recommend it, because you might drop it in the ocean or it might get wet, but ‘Yes’ you can take your camera with you. Bring a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wet. And, please understand that we are not responsible if you lose it or if it gets wet. If you bring your camera with you and decide not to take it on the ocean, don’t worry. We will keep it safe with the rest of your belongings while you have fun.

Are you with the Family Kingdom?

No. We are a separate business. We’re friends and we help each other, but we are separate.

What can I see when I’m up there?

The view is what you came for! You’ll see the beach, the hotels, the people, and perhaps some dolphin, sea turtles, or schools of fish. At about 300’ up, you can see for 20 miles or more on a clear day.

When I rent a Jetski, do I get to take it out on the ocean?

Yes. We have a two-mile triangular course marked with yellow buoys that we will show you. It is plenty of room to do whatever tricks you want to do, but we have to be able to see you just in case. There is a ranger out there for your safety, too. We give you a lesson and
cut you loose!

Does the Banana Boat tip over?

We use two types of Banana Boats, the in-line Big Banana and the side-by-side Sea Shuttle. The Sea Shuttle does not tip over. That’s why we use the Sea Shuttle instead of the Big Banana to take parasailers from the shore to the deeper Parasail Boat.

The Big Banana can tip over if the Captain wants it to. Be sure to tell your Captain if you want to get really wet or relatively dry. The Captain always does his best to please his passengers.

What should I wear for your activities?

We suggest that you wear your bathing suit. Riders will get at least ‘splashy wet’ on any of our activities. We have a place for you to put your shoes, and we will keep your beach bag or your valuables safe for you while you ride.

Do y’all have a place to change clothes?

Sorry, we don’t. Please come to the beach ‘ready to ride’ in your bathing suit.

Do y’all sell water?

Yes, we do! We sell bottled water and soda for only $1. Stay hydrated, my friends.

Can we just come to the beach and hang out with you guys?

Sure. We stay pretty busy in the summer time, but we love visitors to Myrtle Beach and invite you to spend a day on the beach with us.

Does Pawley really own the island?

No, not any more. George Pawley did own Pawley’s Island, but he sold it off in the 1700’s to other plantation owners. It was incorporated in the 1800’s and they dropped the possessive apostrophe. Pawleys Island has some of SC’s highest dunes in the center of the island.

E’ Macho? Si, Muy Macho!

El Magnum – c’ muy, muy macho!

Are there any sharks in the water?

The honest answer is Yes, of course there are, but they won’t bother you. 10 million people swim in the ocean along the Grand Strand every year, including our own children! We rarely see sharks. Don’t be silly. Do people really freeze to death where you are from?

Does any place have karaoke around here?

After 6 pm, you can’t swing an old Parasail Line without hitting a place to sing karaoke. If karaoke’s your thing, you have come to the right place. We suggest singing “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf.

What is a swash?

A swash is a salt water estuary that is fed by the ocean’s tides and flows through a small stream in the beach. Our business is right next to the Withers Swash. At low tide, you can walk through the swash because it is less than knee deep. At high tide, it is about 5′ deep. Be careful, the current can get pretty powerful during tidal changes. Also, we don’t recommend going up into the swash without shoes. There are shells and other objects that will cut your feet. Then, you’ll go home with an Ocean Watersports bandage instead of a cool Ocean Watersports T-shirt. Go with the t-shirt. Stay out of the swash, Junior.

How can I work at Ocean Watersports?!?

It looks like a lot of fun, and it is, but it is also a ton of hard work. If you think you can hang, you must apply in person. Contact Jim at to arrange an interview. Referrals from current or past employees are highly recommended.

How long does it take for parasailing?

Parasailors are on the boat for 30-45 minutes. Maximum of 6 flyers per trip. Each flight is 10 minutes, on average. Participants are winched on and off the boat hydraulically for safe and dry landings and takeoffs. No age requirement, however participants must weigh at least 35 pounds to fly. Tandem & triple flights are available.