parasail1 Parasailing has become the most popular water sport activity in Myrtle Beach. It combines the thrills of acceleration and altitude with the scenic views of the Grand Strand. And, parasailing is an aquatic that will surely be the height of your vacation. When you fly with Ocean Watersports, you’ll begin with a Banana Boat ride through the surf and out to the parasail boat.

Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight – no training required. Our friendly and experienced Captain and crew will do all the work to ensure your comfort and safety.Two or three people can fly at a time.

We take high-quality, digital pictures of every parasail flight and show the pictures to you when you get back to the beach. If you like them, you can purchase them for a nominal fee. We transfer the digital images to a USB drive for you to take home with you. So, make sure you look at them on the monitors after you fly. We offer discounts before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. (prices may change from season to season)

Ocean Watersports - Myrtle Beach, SC
Ocean Watersports - Myrtle Beach, SC